[MVLUG] Software Freedom Day + Install Fest?

Hans Fugal hfugal at cs.nmsu.edu
Fri Aug 3 12:26:07 MDT 2007

Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> (my message got held 'cause I hadn't switched over my mvlug email
> address yet.  So here's my response to Don, along with his responses
> back)
>> That sounds like a *terrific* idea.  The semester starts August 22, so
>> this is the fourth Saturday of the semester.  I'd prefer a week or two
>> earlier so we're catching the students right when they're learning
>> they might like to have Linux, but tying it in with SFD seems like a
>> good reason to delay it a little bit.
>> Unfortunately, we're too late for the free shirts and stickers....
>> Note:  we have SH124 reserved for our meeting Tuesday (though I'm not
>> quite clear on whether anybody will be able to attend....  is it just
>> Don, Hans and me?).
> Looks like.  Maybe one or two others.  Can we go ahead anyway and just 
> keep it short?

And a visitor from Caballo who's interested in what we've got going.

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