[MVLUG] Install Fest 2k7 FALL

Shaun Hadfield syrrus at epop3.com
Wed Aug 22 12:57:25 MDT 2007

Quoting Joe Pfeiffer <joseph at pfeifferfamily.net>:

> Yep -- there was some talk earlier of having it on Software Freedom
> Day this year (September 15).  That sounds like a good idea to me; we
> have some people on this list who are also ACM members, so I'm
> guessing we'll be hearing from them Real Soon Now.  Organizing our
> side of it should be one of our topics for the September meeting.

I'll start downloading and burning at least one copy of the
DistroWatch top ten, though I'll assume that only one (maybe three) of
those will matter, namely SUSE, with a possible Ubuntu and Fedora
install here and there.

OK, having just looked at the top 10 and seeing that some are a
variation on a theme (and one simply need not be brought forth to an
install fest) I propose these distributions present:

1. openSUSE
2. Ubuntu / Kubuntu / Xubuntu
3. PCLinuxOS (Mandriva derivative)
4. Fedora
5. Mint (the spin-off of Ubuntu that gives RMS a stroke)
6. Damn Small
7. Debian proper
8. Smoothwall (easy maintenance routers)

Anything much beyond that is excessive in my eyes (as if that list in
itself isn't).  I don't see Slackware, Gentoo, or their derivatives as
anything to be fiddled with.

I'll do my best to be there so I can help with wireless cards, cranky
graphics adapters, and media codecs (what I mostly did last time).
I'll also try to get a fresh beta of Ubuntu 7.10 installed on one of
my machines so we can show off Compiz Fusion on that platform.

syrrus at epop3.com

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