[MVLUG] Install Fest 2k7 FALL

Shaun Hadfield syrrus at epop3.com
Wed Aug 22 16:15:40 MDT 2007

Quoting Joe Pfeiffer <joseph at pfeifferfamily.net>:

>> From what I've read (but not tried myself), some of the steps that are
> so trivial they don't make it into that list turn out to be harder
> than expected -- things like repartitioning the disk in the presence
> of M$'s latest NTFS tweaks.  I've also got a nagging at the back of my
> mind that there's something screwy with getting Vista to chainload.

I've yet to try it as well.  Of use (and I'll look into it) is that I  
have a registered copy of Acronis Disk Manager which will help in the  
partitioning dept.  As far as the chainloading problem.... They did do  
some goofy stuff with the boot loader.  I'll make of a backup copy of  
my XP installation on my notebook, and then report back on what I  
find.  Starting next week I have some time that I can tinker with this  

syrrus at epop3.com

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