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Charles Cosse ccosse at gmail.com
Wed Aug 22 22:18:50 MDT 2007

ICT (campus computer support) offers XP cdroms with license key, good for 2
installations only, for $8, or some similarly low price.  I thought it was a
pretty good deal for a legal XP.  You have to show an NMSU ID, and that's
about it.  They also have M$-Office and some other stuff.  I installed it
under vmware running on Gentoo.  The sound doesn't work in windows and the
graphics experience a few periodic pauses, and are rather degraded in
quality, but it runs good, overall, like that.


On 8/22/07, Don McCoy <don2718 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> > Actually the one thing we need to be most sure we've got figured out
> > in advance is how to dual-boot Vista and Linux (I've seen instructions
> >
> Oh dear.  Am I the only one that has gone down this path already (and
> gotten burned in the process)?  Here's the short version:
>     1) Boot new computer, let it do all of it's initial setup stuff,
> etc...
>     2) Fail to make a set of recovery disks.
>     3) Resize main partition, install linux
>     4) Try to boot computer and cry (recall step 2).
>     5) Call HP, patiently explain what it means to "resize a partition"
> and eventually convince him that even the HP Recovery Utilities,
> normally accessed by hitting F12 after the BIOS screen or somesuch, was
> also fragged beyond recognition.
>     6) With HP's eventual authorization, was allowed (nay, privileged)
> to be allowed to part with $15 of my money to get the DVD that (I think)
> I should have gotten in the box with the computer (but what do I know...)
>     7) Where was I?
>     8) Oh yeah, wait a week and half for said DVD.
>     9) Install Vista again (it took hours)
>     10) /Bought a second hard drive/
>     11) Slapped it in there and put linux on its own partition on it's
> own drive
> Lesson?  AFAICT, the latest windows offering does not wish to play
> nice.  Haven't checked lately to see if partition tools have been
> updated to address these issues.  My advice is to avoid them.  Use a
> second hard disk, or run linux through a VM (then it is just a file on
> the NT partition, right?).
> I'd also say that we caution people appropriately, help make backups
> where needed, caution people appropriately again, then also make sure we
> make the recovery CDs.  (Or hope everyone has older computers with WinXP
> on them... :-\ )
> Hope this helps.  Moreover, I know we all like fiddling with technical
> problems and such, but we need to make sure we don't leave a student
> laptop-less under any circumstances.  Oh well, I'm sure I'm preaching to
> the choir here, but I wanted to make sure it was said.  :)
> Don
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