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Jonathan Lindsey jlindsey at 3drc.com
Thu Aug 23 07:32:43 MDT 2007

Yeah, I run win2k under vmware at work on top of my FC install.  Some apps like visio work really well in here.  I tried cross over or whatever it's called, I tried wine, none of those worked as well as just running a virtual machine.
-Jonathan Lindsey


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ICT (campus computer support) offers XP cdroms with license key, good for 2 installations only, for $8, or some similarly low price.  I thought it was a pretty good deal for a legal XP.  You have to show an NMSU ID, and that's about it.  They also have M$-Office and some other stuff.  I installed it under vmware running on Gentoo.  The sound doesn't work in windows and the graphics experience a few periodic pauses, and are rather degraded in quality, but it runs good, overall, like that.  


On 8/22/07, Don McCoy <don2718 at gmail.com> wrote: 

	Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
	> Actually the one thing we need to be most sure we've got figured out
	> in advance is how to dual-boot Vista and Linux (I've seen instructions
	Oh dear.  Am I the only one that has gone down this path already (and 
	gotten burned in the process)?  Here's the short version:
	    1) Boot new computer, let it do all of it's initial setup stuff, etc...
	    2) Fail to make a set of recovery disks.
	    3) Resize main partition, install linux 
	    4) Try to boot computer and cry (recall step 2).
	    5) Call HP, patiently explain what it means to "resize a partition"
	and eventually convince him that even the HP Recovery Utilities,
	normally accessed by hitting F12 after the BIOS screen or somesuch, was 
	also fragged beyond recognition.
	    6) With HP's eventual authorization, was allowed (nay, privileged)
	to be allowed to part with $15 of my money to get the DVD that (I think)
	I should have gotten in the box with the computer (but what do I know...) 
	    7) Where was I?
	    8) Oh yeah, wait a week and half for said DVD.
	    9) Install Vista again (it took hours)
	    10) /Bought a second hard drive/
	    11) Slapped it in there and put linux on its own partition on it's 
	own drive
	Lesson?  AFAICT, the latest windows offering does not wish to play
	nice.  Haven't checked lately to see if partition tools have been
	updated to address these issues.  My advice is to avoid them.  Use a 
	second hard disk, or run linux through a VM (then it is just a file on
	the NT partition, right?).
	I'd also say that we caution people appropriately, help make backups
	where needed, caution people appropriately again, then also make sure we 
	make the recovery CDs.  (Or hope everyone has older computers with WinXP
	on them... :-\ )
	Hope this helps.  Moreover, I know we all like fiddling with technical
	problems and such, but we need to make sure we don't leave a student 
	laptop-less under any circumstances.  Oh well, I'm sure I'm preaching to
	the choir here, but I wanted to make sure it was said.  :)
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