[MVLUG] Install Fest 2k7 FALL

Mars DeLapp jmdelapp at delapp.com
Thu Aug 23 15:20:38 MDT 2007

Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> Mars DeLapp writes:
>> Then you can boot into your favorite OS and do everything you need to do. And 
>> when you have some task that you have not figured out how to do using free 
>> software (yet), you can boot up the VM without having to shut down and reboot.
> Good solution for people who are already Linux users; bad solution for
> suggesting to a student who grew up on Windows but wants to dual-boot
> because their coursework at NMSU will be Linux-based.

The big problem with dual boot is you can't use both systems at the same time.

Another good solution is dual computers with a KVM switch, but that is close to double the hardware cost. And if you are 
using laptops, you have to carry around two of them ;)

So maybe the better solution for the newbie is to run a Gnu/Linux virtual machine on windows? I have never done that so 
I am not sure of the issues you might encounter.


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