[MVLUG] Belated New Year's Greetings

Don McCoy don2718 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 11:18:12 MST 2007

Derek Ruff wrote:
> My kids biggest gripe with linux is firefox plugins. 
> They use firefox on winxp without problems but in
> linux they keep finding sites that require win
> specific things.  Any tips?

Cruelly, I am still running Win98 on the home desktop.  It isn't even 
setup to use the internet (worse yet).

Happily though, the kids can play most of the games they want and my 
admin burden is greatly reduced.

But I sympathize.  A good part of sci-fi.com is flash-driven and the 
linux plugin is a couple of versions back...  And they ignored my 
heart-felt e-mail on the subject as well.  :(   To add insult to injury, 
the failure mode was that I couldn't see any of the menus and text on 
the majority of some pages, with the exception of the main two banner 
ads, which were for MS Visual Studio .NET at the time.   Grrrr.  >:-|  

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