[MVLUG] Meeting Wednesday, Jan. 31st at 5:30

Don McCoy don2718 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 29 11:57:37 MST 2007

Event: Mesilla Valley Linux Users Group (MVLUG) meeting
Time: Wednesday the 31st at 5:30
Location: SH 124, "New" Science Hall, NMSU
Directions: '54' on http://www.nmsu.edu/General/Maps/2a.html
    1) Welcome, membership ideas, website maintenance
    2) Existing projects
    3) Ideas for mini-presentations
    4) Meeting adjourned, open discussion to follow

All are welcome!  Please join and bring your knowledge and expertise to 
the table.

For those of you not able to attend the meeting, please join the mailing 
list at


to find out about upcoming events, post your Linux questions and 
generally to just to stay in touch with MVLUG activities.

Some of us have made suggestions for topics we'd either like to learn 
more about or wouldn't mind sharing (see 3 above).  If you have requests 
or something to share (nothing fancy, just a brief 15 minutes 
presentation) then please post to the above list.

Finally, "Why join the MVLUG?" you ask.  Well, you can't really... there 
is no real membership outside the mailing list.  But that doesn't mean 
there aren't good reasons for being involved.  Here are just a few:

    * Meet people with similar interests

    * Become involved in projects that give back to the community

    * Get help with the $*%#! problem you've been having with _____ 
(insert name of your favorite Linux distro here).

Hope to see you at the meeting!


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