[MVLUG] Cheap Comptuer

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Sun Jun 10 22:13:33 MDT 2007

Beryl Snyder writes:
>I am looking for a cheap computer for a DVR  and for a vmware
>development server. I am looking for the minimum of 1Ghz+ proc and 512mb
>to 1GB ram the rest is negotiable. 
>dose anyone know of a place around here where i can buy one? I looked
>around Las Cruces but no one seemed to have one. is there a store in El
>Paso that might?

I've become a big fan of directron.com.  I think the sound computer I
built for the theatre (what computer?  what theatre?  Go to
http://lcctnm.org, make your reservations for *Anything* *Goes!*,
and know that all of the sound effects are run from a couple of simple
shell scripts!) with similar specs cost $400 or so.  And it has two
disks so I could RAID them in case one failed.

Trying to build a computer these days with less than a 1GHz processor
and less than 512MB RAM is a bigger challenge...

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