[MVLUG] Members / Upcoming Meeting

Jonathan A. Lindsey jlindsey at 3drc.com
Thu Mar 29 07:00:52 MDT 2007

I can probably bring a box with openbsd on it, just to give people a 
chance to play with it if they want to, and or at least demonstrate 
different things, without screwing up my router at home.

Don McCoy wrote:
> Gary Aschbacher wrote:
>> I'll try to be there as well.  Do we bring our own box? or is this 
>> more a demo / presentation / examples thing like the Asterisk?
> I suggested a while back that we have sort of a round-robin 
> discussion/presentation.  Nobody really responded directly, but we 
> have Joe and Jonathan who'd discuss different low-level methods of 
> packet filtering and myself, who'd discuss a canned package that 
> allows less sophisticated users the means to do the same thing (more 
> or less).
> In reviewing the actual 'votes' posted to the list, I think the only 
> people asking for this are those who want to /talk/ about it.   :)  
> Does anyone actually want to /hear/ about this topic (that is also 
> planning on going to the next meeting)?  Please post!
> Don
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