[MVLUG] Correcting some Mythinformation (sorry)

rotering at animalcules.com rotering at animalcules.com
Wed May 2 09:22:14 MDT 2007

I made a few blunders in last night's presentation.

(1) Decoding is done by the frontend.  Content is streamed over the
    network from a frontend to a backend unless it has access to the
    storage used by the backend.

(2) When I was talking about how Python is used extensively I was
    mistaken.  It *is* used extensively in the MythArchive plugin.
    Elsewhere, looks like it's all native executables.

(3) The "regular" Hauppauge encoders have a maximum resolution of
    720x480 - no HD.  They do sell a 1081i-capable tuner/encoder.  It
    currently has no linux support (AFAICT).

Sorry about that.

Also, the audio on that troublesome DVD worked fine for me at home.
It's possible that the speaker jack on the back of my machine is
flaky.  Probably just gremlins, though.


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