[MVLUG] Correcting some Mythinformation (sorry)

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Wed May 2 11:54:33 MDT 2007

Hans Fugal writes:

>Myth was of course designed with the TV in mind (though how a remote 
>control is supposed to find the city before your thumb falls off is 
>anyone's guess). Because very few program UIs were designed to be 
>operated by remote, myth had a semijustifiable reason to include 
>everything and the kitchen sink.

I'd say they had a really good reason -- in the context of their
goals, it was probably even the right decision.  Their goals just
aren't quite my goals!

>If you're looking just to playback (no tuner, no pvr) you might look at 
>freevo. I found it considerably easier to set up than myth (which I 
>outright rejected mostly because A) I hate messing with MySQL or any 
>other full-fledged database for something that shouldn't require it 
>(myth qualifies, IMHO) and B) I don't have a tuner or anything to 
>record), and although it does make an effort at PVR it shines in the 
>more simple usage scenarios. Don't know about channel listings, though.

If you mean just DVD playback, I've been using gxine very happily for
quite a while.

I don't like messing with mysql -- it seems like it's got more setup
required than it ought to (that may just be the debian package,
though).  I'm very curious about sqlite:  it's a library that
implements sql, talking to files instead of a real database engine.  I
wonder if it might not be a really nice way to get the good parts of
sql without needing a full-fledged database.

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