[MVLUG] Correcting some Mythinformation (sorry)

Jonathan A. Lindsey jlindsey at 3drc.com
Wed May 2 12:04:55 MDT 2007

In the interest in starting a flame war... HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE 
MYSQL!  Hhahaha, just kidding, I heart mysql so if anyone has trouble 
with it feel free to ask, I've ran mysql servers admined them for bout 4 
years now, 3 of which professionally.

Hans Fugal wrote:
> Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>> rotering at animalcules.com writes:
>>> Also, the audio on that troublesome DVD worked fine for me at home.
>>> It's possible that the speaker jack on the back of my machine is
>>> flaky.  Probably just gremlins, though.
>> Also, of course, we'd already demonstrated that the stereo we were
>> using was flaky.  I find myself wondering if SH118B (the room next
>> door) might not be better, due to its A/V system.  It's not really set
>> up as a conference room, though...
>> I wound up spending far too much time last night playing with mythtv.
>> Some observations:
>> (1) Make sure you've got a working mysql server before you try to
>>     install mythtv.  The machine I was working on didn't have mysql,
>>     and trying to install both in a single aptitude session probably
>>     cost me well over an hour all by itself.
>> (2) I think they've really gotten a little too extreme in trying to
>>     create a PVR appliance.  In addition to the notes Don was making
>>     about trying to throw too much into a single application, it
>>     really doesn't work well with other applications in an X
>>     environment.  For example, it doesn't respond to mouse clicks.
>>     Its default configuration is full-screen; if you set it to a
>>     smaller size and put it into a window, it doesn't resize the
>>     window to match the content you're viewing.  Since my normal mode
>>     of operation at home is to be working while a Grateful Dead
>>     concert is running in a corner of the display, this is a problem!
>>     Trying to configure weather is just painful:  if there's a way to
>>     pick your city other than scrolling, I didn't come across it -- I
>>     spent several minutes, and had gotten roughly to Abilene, when I
>>     gave up.
>>     Is there a way to configure channels without having a tuner card?
>>     I was interested in playing with zap2it, so I got an account and
>>     ran mythfilldatabase, but any attempt to browse listings got a
>>     message saying no channels were defined so the grid would be
>>     empty, followed by a segfault.
>> In general, it looks like they've done an outstanding job of what they
>> set out to do.  I wish they'd done just slightly more of what I'd like
>> it to be, though!
> Myth was of course designed with the TV in mind (though how a remote 
> control is supposed to find the city before your thumb falls off is 
> anyone's guess). Because very few program UIs were designed to be 
> operated by remote, myth had a semijustifiable reason to include 
> everything and the kitchen sink.
> If you're looking just to playback (no tuner, no pvr) you might look 
> at freevo. I found it considerably easier to set up than myth (which I 
> outright rejected mostly because A) I hate messing with MySQL or any 
> other full-fledged database for something that shouldn't require it 
> (myth qualifies, IMHO) and B) I don't have a tuner or anything to 
> record), and although it does make an effort at PVR it shines in the 
> more simple usage scenarios. Don't know about channel listings, though.
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