[MVLUG] Correcting some Mythinformation (sorry)

Hans Fugal hfugal at cs.nmsu.edu
Wed May 2 12:12:12 MDT 2007

Joe Pfeiffer wrote:

> If you mean just DVD playback, I've been using gxine very happily for
> quite a while.

No, more of a media center, control by remote sort of setup. Like myth, 
but without the kitchen sink. :)  Freevo is written almost exculsively 
in python, I think, and uses external tools like mplayer to do the heavy 
lifting. So it can't do some of the neat things myth can do, but as a 
basic tv media frontend it's not bad.

> I don't like messing with mysql -- it seems like it's got more setup
> required than it ought to (that may just be the debian package,
> though).  I'm very curious about sqlite:  it's a library that
> implements sql, talking to files instead of a real database engine.  I
> wonder if it might not be a really nice way to get the good parts of
> sql without needing a full-fledged database.

sqlite is very nice. I've used it many a time and it is always nice to 
me. There's no configuration either: just

  sqlite foo.db

and you have a database ready for your SQL commands. Access control is 
in the filesystem. Speed is comparable or better than the big boys for 
many uses. Unfortunately there's no easy way to drop sqlite in place of 
mysql for most programs, they have to be designed with database 
portability in mind.

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