[MVLUG] Correcting some Mythinformation (sorry)

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Wed May 2 12:37:53 MDT 2007

Hans Fugal writes:
>No, more of a media center, control by remote sort of setup. Like myth, 
>but without the kitchen sink. :)  Freevo is written almost exculsively 
>in python, I think, and uses external tools like mplayer to do the heavy 
>lifting. So it can't do some of the neat things myth can do, but as a 
>basic tv media frontend it's not bad.

Have to try it...

>sqlite is very nice. I've used it many a time and it is always nice to 
>me. There's no configuration either: just
>  sqlite foo.db

Though it's the "embedded in your program" part that I like.

>and you have a database ready for your SQL commands. Access control is 
>in the filesystem. Speed is comparable or better than the big boys for 
>many uses. Unfortunately there's no easy way to drop sqlite in place of 
>mysql for most programs, they have to be designed with database 
>portability in mind.

This is something I really don't understand:  the whole idea of sql
was supposed to be a universal RDBS language; an application ought to
be able to just connect to whatever server you want (postgresql,
mysql, oracle) and not be db-specific.  Didn't work out that way,
though I haven't looked into why...

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