[MVLUG] Summer Meetings

Jonathan A. Lindsey jlindsey at 3drc.com
Fri May 18 11:26:31 MDT 2007

Don McCoy wrote:
> So we've fully entered summer, right?  It's so hard to tell when one 
> is not in sync with the throws of academia... :)  Anyway, 
> congratulations to those of you finishing up for just this semester.  
> Double that if you're finished for good!
> So I thought I'd bring up the general subject of what we'd like to do 
> over the course of the summer.  I'm happy meeting or not, I'll be 
> around more or less the whole time.  If we have a June meeting, we are 
> shy a presentation topic so we need to come up with something.  Any 
> suggestions?
> Don
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aside from work issues, I'm fine meeting during the summer.  Looks like 
I may be gone quite a bit the next few months.
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