[MVLUG] Summer Meetings

Hans Fugal hfugal at cs.nmsu.edu
Sat May 26 11:29:18 MDT 2007

Brian Palmer wrote:
> Don McCoy wrote:
>> Well, I don't know anything about CMS Made Simple, but it looks 
>> interesting.  Unfortunately I haven't made much progress with MoinMoin 
>> either, so I can't offer to talk about either quite yet.
> What about a talk on the simpler systems out there? OddMuse for wikis, 
> Blosxom/PyBlosxom for blogging, todo.sh  for "project management" (see 
> http://todotxt.com for a short flash video of it in action)

That todo script looks really neat, but I don't see a flash video of it 
in action.

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