[MVLUG] June meeting

jlindsey at fastwave.biz jlindsey at fastwave.biz
Mon May 28 08:54:01 MDT 2007

Either way, 2nd or the 5th I can't make it, I'll be gone to San Antonio
the 6th I'll be in California.

On 5/26/2007, "Joe Pfeiffer" <joseph at pfeifferfamily.net> wrote:

>Don McCoy writes:
>>Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>>> I've now reserved SH124 for 5:30 PM, June 2.  So we're on!
>>Tuesday, June 5th maybe?  ;)
>Umm, yeah.  Actually, I better make sure I didn't actually reserve it
>for 6/2!
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