[MVLUG] June meeting

Don McCoy don2718 at gmail.com
Tue May 29 17:48:23 MDT 2007

I've made a bit of progress towards a new MVLUG web site and would like 
to propose we use MoinMoin for a wiki in order to allow any member to 
post information (or make corrections).  This strikes me as an essential 
step towards just about anything the lug might want to do: add members, 
organize event, etc...  It is very low maintenance except for a few 
admin tasks like registering users.  From that perspective, I can't see 
a good reason *not* to do this.  It certainly does not speak well of our 
group that our website is so dated.

That being said, it immediately raises the question as to the site 
content.  I really don't want to get derailed on issues related to this, 
which I think is easy to do (look up 'bikeshedding' in the urban 
dictionary), so I'd like to propose we have a bit of discussion and 
somehow ratify or confirm what the group stands for at a high level and, 
it follows, what our home page is going to say.

/That/ being said, I'm going to take the initiative and make some 
suggestions at the meeting.  As my opinion is no more or less important 
than anyone else's (so this author asserts!), I'd like to hear what 
other's have to say.  Once I've dismissed everyone else's ideas, I hope 
to push through my agenda and shape the group according to my wishes.  
Just kidding.  But seriously, I don't want that to happen or I'll find 
myself a member of a group with exactly one member.

So, if you could sum it up in just a few sentences, what purpose would 
you say the MVLUG serves?  Or "should serve?" perhaps, as this applies 
to things we might do in the future as well.



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