[MVLUG] Topic List Revisted

Don McCoy don2718 at gmail.com
Tue May 29 21:19:07 MDT 2007

Michael Simmons wrote:
> >>>>> New Ideas
>  ChatterBots, Alice and some others
>    A topic on the state of natural language and how they interact.
>    Possibly some sort of contrasting with expert systems?
This sounds interesting.  I'm old enough to remember when Eliza (sp?) 
first came out, but that's about it.  Can you do all or part of a 
presentation on this?

> I could possibly do something on the virtualzation front.  I have 
> VMware and QEMU on my mac.
Cool.  This is highly relevant as I'd like a few more machines than I 
can afford to buy.  My company seems to have some affinity for QEMU as 
well (in the form of a contributor or two).


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