[MVLUG] Topic List Revisted

Shaun Hadfield syrrus at epop3.com
Wed May 30 10:19:43 MDT 2007

Since my experience in this department seems to be ever expanding, I 
believe a good topic would be dealing with exotic and troublesome 
hardware.  This is what I should be able to bring to the table thus far, 
for ubuntu and debian at least (SuSE with some experimentation):

-Cranky ATI cards (inc. getting compiz working on ubuntu)
-Broadcom-based wireless cards (both native driver and ndiswrapper)
-Reading/Booting from Psuedo-hardware RAID controllers using dmraid. 
This topic includes installing on such setups using ubuntu and debian 
(neither play nice), and possibly SuSE if the opportunity arises to play 
more.  Psuedo-hardware RAID controllers include Promise FastTrak, 
VIA/Intel/nVidia on-motherboard controllers, and a couple Silicon Image 
controllers as well

Anyone else have cranky hardware experience to donate to this topic idea?

--Shaun @ MDC
syrrus at epop3.com

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