[MVLUG] June meeting

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Wed May 30 11:55:24 MDT 2007

Don McCoy writes:
>That being said, it immediately raises the question as to the site 
>content.  I really don't want to get derailed on issues related to this, 
>which I think is easy to do (look up 'bikeshedding' in the urban 
>dictionary), so I'd like to propose we have a bit of discussion and 
>somehow ratify or confirm what the group stands for at a high level and, 
>it follows, what our home page is going to say.

Ooh, a Mission Statement!  How corporate :)

I'v thought about this a bit since you posted the question last
night....  I haven't been around long, but it seems like the focus is
on sharing computer-related expertise, particularly as it relates to
Unix-like operating systems (Linux is really in the name because
that's the most visible Unix-like OS and the particular OS most of us
work with.  A lot of what we've discussed could just as easily work
under *BSD, and in fact when we had our firewall tag-team one of the
approaches we discussed was for one of the *BSDs).

This sharing has, so far, included sharing among people already
experienced with the systems, and helping with install fests; we're
talking about adding help sessions to the mix.

As for the front page of the web site:  first thing that comes to mind
is when meetings are in general (first Tuesday, etc), and the date and
topic the upcoming meeting; also maintain a poll on the topics list to
help select a topic for the following meeting.

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