[MVLUG] Topic List Revisted

Michael Simmons msimmons at fastwave.biz
Wed May 30 18:36:32 MDT 2007

Don McCoy wrote:
> Michael Simmons wrote:
>> >>>>> New Ideas
>>  ChatterBots, Alice and some others
>>    A topic on the state of natural language and how they interact.
>>    Possibly some sort of contrasting with expert systems?
> This sounds interesting.  I'm old enough to remember when Eliza (sp?) 
> first came out, but that's about it.  Can you do all or part of a 
> presentation on this?
I would have to do research to know what the current state of the art 
is.  I've only seen one or two in action, never delved into how they 
actually work.  I may make time to research this.  If I do I will try to 
hook one up on the IRC channel for folks to play with.
>> I could possibly do something on the virtualzation front.  I have 
>> VMware and QEMU on my mac.
> Cool.  This is highly relevant as I'd like a few more machines than I 
> can afford to buy.  My company seems to have some affinity for QEMU as 
> well (in the form of a contributor or two).
I can easily demonstrate XP (with vmware) on the mac currently.  I tried 
to get freedos going once, but it didn't get real far.  This is 
something that I could give a 15 min talk on in about a weeks notice.  
If you want real meat, give me a little longer to try some more advanced 
stuff out with qemu.


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