[MVLUG] Topic List Revisted

Don McCoy don2718 at gmail.com
Wed May 30 21:19:55 MDT 2007

Michael Simmons wrote:
> I can easily demonstrate XP (with vmware) on the mac currently.  I 
> tried to get freedos going once, but it didn't get real far.  This is 
> something that I could give a 15 min talk on in about a weeks notice.  
> If you want real meat, give me a little longer to try some more 
> advanced stuff out with qemu.

Hey, maybe we should tag-team this.  Given a bit of time (I already have 
the inclination), I could investigate QEMU and put together a demo 
showing remote debugging on an emulated target board.  It's really nice 
for stuff like that because it's hard to have a physical board with 
every XYZ processor on it to play with.  The list of emulated processors 
is growing all the time and the fidelity is really quite good, i.e. the 
code you develop on the emulated board stands a really good chance of 
working on actual target hardware.

Is there sufficient interest in embedded stuff within our group?  If so, 
let me know and I'll see how soon I can get something put together.


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