[MVLUG] Dell and ATI OH NOE!

Hans Fugal hfugal at cs.nmsu.edu
Thu May 31 13:46:07 MDT 2007

Samat Jain wrote:

> I don't know how well Linux runs on MacBooks, but last year I was working with 
> Chris Blizzard of Redhat and he did not like his MacBook much--there were 
> many hardware bugs and little nuances, and it did not work well with Fedora. 
> The situation may have since improved.

It probably has - the mac laptops are much less of a moving target than 
the PC ones. My iBook had the best linux support of any laptop I had 
ever used previously, including some dell and thinkpad models.

I haven't used linux natively on my macbook much, but I was able to 
install it and most everything seemed to work fine (even wireless).

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