[MVLUG] Dell and ATI OH NOE!

Jonathan A. Lindsey jlindsey at 3drc.com
Thu May 31 13:59:59 MDT 2007

I work for the DoD there's no way I can have a laptop made by a chineese 
company, you know and I know there's no harm in it... but that doesn't 
matter to mr 5 star general.
Samat Jain wrote:
> On Thursday 31 May 2007 12:05:04 pm Jonathan A. Lindsey wrote:
>> Unfortunately IBM's notebook section is now owned by Lenovo.  They are 
>> in china, and where I work it would not be a good thing.  China is still 
>> the enemy you know.
> Please find a notebook containing parts _not_ made in China...
> I'd like to avoid starting a political flame war, but is there really a 
> difference between:
> * a notebook containing parts made in China, assembled by an American company
> * a notebook containing parts made in China, assembled by a Chinese company 
> (note: Lenovo's design and ThinkPad division does lie in North Carolina, USA)
> From a philosophical point of view, either way, you're helping the Chinese 
> economy and by proxy the Chinese government...
> From a defense point of view, the component parts (and not plastic casing, 
> build quality, etc) are those most likely to be compromised by a foreign 
> government, so you're almost just as likely to be giving secrets away to the 
> Chinese...

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