[MVLUG] installfest

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Sat Feb 9 21:30:08 MST 2008

Thanks to everybody for the hours spent helping today.  After the last
installfest I wasn't sure we should have another (in fact, I thought
it was pretty clear we shouldn't), but today was a pretty clear
success with a lot of happy customers (special thanks to Shaun for
knowing enough about Windows to get TJ's machine to dual boot.  Though
watching you trying to guess what was wrong based on the diagnostics
that were provided still seemed like doing brain surgery while wearing
boxing gloves....).

I was pretty disappointed that nobody ever showed up in 124.  I guess
Karen (who had the room reserved) was sick, but it's clearly a lot
more suitable for installfests than 118B.  But by 10:30, when it was
clear nobody was showing up over there, it was far too late to try to

Somebody (Paul?) suggested towards the end that maybe we need a
Wireless Boot Camp where we can focus on doing whatever it takes to
get wireless cards (and other hardware with driver trouble) going.

Sounds like a good idea to me, though not for next weekend!

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