[MVLUG] voip question

Hans Fugal hfugal at cs.nmsu.edu
Fri Jun 13 17:56:24 MDT 2008

Don McCoy wrote:
> Hans Fugal wrote:
>> gnome/kde ones). I'm happy to help you with the wizardry, I know it can 
>> be confusing at first, but it's loads of fun!
> Yes, it is a bit confusing...  But yeah, I'll take you up on that
> offer.  Seems I need to get a grip on some of the terminology first.
> Let's try some ascii-art:
>     [softphone]<--->[alsa]                is the picture now
>     [softphone]<--->[jack]<--->[alsa]
>                        |
>                        --->[arecord]      is roughly what I want (?)

Close, more like

                                +-->[some jack recorder]

> Or is there some more accurate way to depict that?
> Described in ALSA terms, it seems the softphone I'm using allows me to
> configure the Audio Plug-in (ALSA) and the Input and Output Audio
> Devices (Intel ICH6).  If I setup the jack plug-in, will it change those
> configure options (and if so, from what to what?).  Then will the sound
> still be passed on to the sound card?  Or do I have to configure it to
> do that as well?

Does it let you type in the alsa device, or just give you a drop-down 
box? You need to be able to use the default ALSA device or be able to 
type in an arbitrary string. A drop-down box usually means the author's 
worldview is limited and he thinks there are only hardware devices, and 
it won't work.

On the other hand, if you can choose OSS or PulseAudio, that opens 
another door.

Hans Fugal
PhD Student
Computer Science Department
New Mexico State University

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