[MVLUG] your opinions on virtual machine emulation

Jonathan Lindsey jlindsey at 3drc.com
Thu May 1 08:49:17 MDT 2008

I guess this hick needs to throw in his two cents.  I'm partial to VMWare.
I've used virtual box, and in my experience it was slower, with vista than
vmware.  It wouldn't load 64 bit os's.  Virtualization isn't anything new to
me, it seems all I do with my computers now are run virtual machines.  My
home laptop, my work laptop, and my home pc are all running vmware, with at
least an xp guest.

-Jonathan Lindsey
Network Engineer
3D Research Corporation

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I used vmware a long time ago on a slow machine; it seemed easy to use
but very, very slow.  I expect that with a newer computer, it would be
just fine.  Unfortunately, on my laptop, the touchpad doesn't get
translated to a mouse properly!

I recently put virtualbox on the laptop, and whenever I get time spend
a few minutes working on getting it to talk well.  It doesn't support
the XP agp440 driver so I had to use a recovery disk to disable that
driver; at this point, it boots my native XP installation (it is a
dual-boot system) but XP wants to be activated before it will run
properly.  My understanding is that this is because the virtual system
has much less RAM than the real system; when I get time (grades are
due May 13!) I'll try to verify that that's true, and see just what
comes next.

I really like the fact that virtualbox is free software.

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