[MVLUG] laptop recommendation

Michael Harris mvlug at shiftycow.net
Mon May 12 23:51:49 MDT 2008

I recommend Gateway and Dell. I love my Dell, my Gateway is going strong 
on it's two-year anniversary and my dad's Gateway tablet is going on 4 
(with a hinge replacement). My family and friends who own Toshiba 
laptops have huge ones and don't move them anywhere, but they seem like 
solid desktops...

Shaun Hadfield wrote:
>> So...  who is willing to stick their neck out and recommend a
>> rock-solid laptop?  I expect it'll be running M$ software.
> There is a reason we sell Dell machines and also use one myself.  The 
> hardware is good, they're solidly built, and they're easy to work on.  
> When you pick it up it feels like a solid piece of equipment.  The 
> web-based technical support is among the better I deal with.  The live 
> technical support could be better, but then again so could everybody's 
> - it's mostly the off-shore tech centers that cause problems.   They 
> are not picky on their warranty - if you tell them such-and-such is 
> broken and can back it up with some expertise they'll replace it.  
> They are fairly simple to order parts for if need be.  By that same 
> token I don't replace parts on Dell's often (those sold within the 
> last four years).
> My only complaint with my machine after 1-1/2 years of ownership is 
> that my battery came to it's EOL a bit sooner that I'd have liked.  
> Dell has a new program where you can buy "battery insurance" 
> essentially.  I'd recommend it considering the high price of importing 
> batteries these days.  Other than that the machine has been a champ.  
> After it's one-year anniversary I upgraded the RAM and its hard drive. 
>  I expect the thing to keep kicking for awhile.
> HP builds a decent product but a lot of their features seem gimmicky 
> and any time I pick one up I feel I could break it just by holding it. 
>  They've also had some problems with their motherboards in the last 
> year or so.  Toshiba builds a good machine but the service after the 
> sale kills the deal for me.  If you break it out of warranty, getting 
> parts will be a headache.  Another thing I don't like is they have a 
> bunch of weird software that runs in the background all the time.  
> Acer and Gateway/e-Machine aren't bad, but I don't really consider 
> them to be good either.  Just avoid Sony.  Please.  For the children.
> I haven't really seen Averatec around anymore.  From a service 
> perspective I didn't much like them.  IBM / Lenovo's have been solid 
> machines both in build and performance, but being Lenovo is a mainland 
> China company they may or may not want to go there.  There's also the 
> boutique sellers like Alienware and Voodoo, but you're probably not 
> going that far.
> If she does get a Dell, the option for Windows XP remains open until 
> June 30.  I recommend getting the machine from the Small Business side 
> of the company.  The Vostros don't have all the nifty colors like the 
> Inspirons but internally they are the same machine and they don't come 
> preloaded with a bunch of crap.
> Then again, there is always Apple...
> My two cents as a serviceman,
> Shaun @ MDC -=- syrrus at epop3.com
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