[MVLUG] speaking of meetings...

Don McCoy don2718 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 16:00:37 MDT 2008

Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> I wasn't keeping a formal count, but I thought Monday nights had the
> fewest objections.  Is that accurate?  Is there somebody who couldn't
> make Mondays, but could make another night?  Also, it seemed like
> several people wanted it later.  Would 7:00 work better?  Would 7:00
> be unworkable for anybody?
Monday would be fine.  I get the feeling our attendance would drop, not
increase, if we moved the time to later.  It only gives people a chance
to get home and then decide not to go out again.  It won't matter to me
either way, either day.

> Also, I think we'd agreed that Don's suggested topic (distributions)
> is a good one.  Seems like we'd want to talk about Debian Family,
> RedHat Family, Gentoo -- what else?
Did I suggest that?  I thought I suggested some introductory topics like
"how to do xyz in various distributions".  The focus being on not the
merits (or demerits) of any particular distro, but simply on how to get
things done.  Since "how to install software" is a pretty
distro-specific topic, it is likely to get broken down into "this is
apt, this is rpm, these are their gui-wrappers" rather than strictly by

My *main* point is that we should avoid getting into technical details,
because it is distracting for users just getting to know linux.  They
don't flipping care!  "How do i get my pictures off my camera?", "How do
I find/install software?", "What do I do when something doesn't work?"
are topics more likely to appeal to those new users. 

I think this is very hard for a technically oriented group to
accomplish.  For that reason, I think we should not do it -- UNLESS
PEOPLE SPEAK UP AND ASK FOR IT!  I mean really, who can say what people
what to know about if they don't ask?  Newer members of the group should
not be intimidated by the fact that we are a bunch of geeks who like to
discuss the nauseating details of how our favorite operating system
works.  Concerns and interests at all levels are equally valid in that
they *all* have something to do with Linux. 

[Don gets off his soapbox now...]

Anyway, maybe I did suggest discussing distros.  Who can say?  I
certainly can't remember from one day to the next!  :)

> I could talk a little about the basic idea of software packages and
> use aptitude to talk about the Debian family.  Somebody else would
> need to talk about RedHat, and is there anybody to describe gentoo?
Oh dear -- gentoo.  I rest my case!  (And I can say this as a recovering
gentoo user! :P)

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