[MVLUG] speaking of meetings...

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Thu Sep 11 18:41:42 MDT 2008

Well, 5:30 still works really well for me.  Sounds (from Don and
Michael) that while maybe we should move to Monday, we should keep the

As for topic -- I guess I was thinking in terms of what package
management means, the various constraints on a package (depends,
conflicts, etc), and using the distribution families as examples.  I
was definitely not thinking of deep technical details (and yeah, this
is what I thought you were suggesting).

"How do I do xyz" (for xyz other than installing software in general)
seems like a different, and pretty much distribution-independent
topic.  All the distributions except the really special-purpose ones
(smoothwall, slug, RIP) have pretty much the same software.  We've
had several talks like this (mythtv, voip) and I think they're been
the most successful meetings we've had.  I see the "what's a
distribution" topic as being in that vein, but in a slightly different

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