[MVLUG] distros that don't set library links (ie .so -> .so.1.2.3)

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Fri Sep 12 17:32:33 MDT 2008

Charles Cossé wrote:
> Hello knowledgable folks,
> I've got a basic question about shared libraries on Linux: Shouldn't
> there always be a link from .so pointing to the particular version
> installed/used?  For example, I recall Mandrake linux a few years ago
> shipped 9.x without such links, and nothing compiled until you
> manually went through and created the links, or wrote a program/script
> to do it.
> Now am having the same problem on Suse linux.  Half the libs are so.1
> etc, ie specific version only, without the link from .so -> .so.1.2.3,
> for example.  Is this considered a bug, or what?

Yes, running SuSE is consider a bug.

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Sorry that I don't know the answer, but it sounds like "a dumb thing"
whether or not it is on purpose.

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