[MVLUG] [OT] fraud alert

roger rjones at edgardigital.com
Wed Sep 24 13:28:05 MDT 2008

by the use of credit card fraud, a PC system has been stolen from us. 
Here is a description in case anyone runs into somebody trying to sell it.
Please try to get license info and vehicle info.

Please let me know which PC stores/dealers are on this list

          Gateway 815GM sliver tower
        WindowsXP MediaCenter 2005
  3GHz Intel Pentium 4 CPU
 1 GB RAM,  190 GB HDD
DVD +/- R/W Lightscribe 
  ATI X300 Radeon SVGA Video 128MB
 TV Tuner Card          10/100 Ethernet LAN
 OnBoard RTL HighDef Audio, 56k Modem
USB 2.0 Jacks, Firewire Jacks
 Media card reader slots

Norcent (brand)  19inch wide screen LCD display

Roger Jones

WWW.EdgarDigital.com ,  LLC

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