[MVLUG] Possibly For Sale?

Karl F. Larsen klarsen1 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 04:55:50 MDT 2009

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Hi Jonathan, if you can plug in and turn on the green beast in a
terminal type lspci and include that list. It tells you most everything.

73 Karl

Jonathan Lindsey wrote:
> Hey Ya'll,
> I'm possibly thinking about selling that green beast of a computer I own.  It's an athlon 64 bit 3500+ amd of course.  Nvidia geforce 6800, I forget how much ram.  80 GB hard drive, and a 120gb hard drive.  It's ran great for years, I've no problems with it.  I will format the drives, however it is running fedora 10 or 11, forget which currently w/o problems.  The dell monitor, 20 inch lcd no pixels out.  I'm not sure on a price.  If you make me an offer worth selling it for, indvidually or together (caviat is if I get a job here soon that lets me buy a new tv to replace the monitor).  Then I might just sell these items.
> I also have in my possession an ibm eserver 2.4ghz xeon ht (capable of going dual) 2 u, with rails, extra redundandt powersupply, w/o hard drives.  4 gb ram I think.  Make me an offer on it, cause I'm not using it either.  I havn't powered it on in a long time.  Do not know the current state, but I bet it posts.  Again no real idea on price, make me an offer.
> -Jonathan
> -Jonathan Lindsey
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