[MVLUG] Question on crashing machines

Michael Simmons msimmons at fastwave.biz
Tue Jul 28 13:36:45 MDT 2009

Good information folks!

I looked through /var/log/* for any messages on that day.  There were
no messages within 10 hours of the hang.

The machine is physically a mid-tower, 55watt dual-core AMD.  It has
the standard AMD headsink/fan.  There is also a large case fan.  I'll
check the BIOS for overtemp logging on the next boot that I remember
to (Recent ASUS MB, dunno what's there).

Filesystem is default ext3.  It did one of it's "disk hasn't been
checked in last 33 mounts, check forced" the day before the hang or

The machine will initiate poweroff via power switch acpi (or did in
the past).  I generally don't use it because I hit the button by
braille, and the reset switch is right next to the power switch.  Oh
boy does the reset switch work fast..

The system does have NVidia and VirtualBox modules outside of the defaults.

Thanks for the tips.  I'll give them a go if it happens again.


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