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The install fests also offer a place for people to come that have questions about linux, and ask us.  I remember a couple of install fests it seemed as there were more questions rather than answers.  I always try to mention to the people about our mailing list, so that if they do have a question they can ask it on here, and we can do our best to answer it.

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LD 'Gus' Landis writes:
>  I've been out of the "newbie" loop for quite a while.
>  What is the goal?

We're really just trying to help them get off the ground.
>  What level of understanding do the "installees" have
>  of what they are getting into?

The amount of understanding varies a lot; some have a clear sense of
what's going on, some seem pretty confused.  The vast majority of
people we help are people who are going to be using it in a class this
semester and want to do something other than use putty to come in to
the CS undergrad lab by ssh.

>  Is this usually a dual boot scenario?

Almost always.  We've done some VMWare and VirtualBox installs, but
that's much left common.

>  Are they typically Microsoft users?

Is there anybody left who isn't a Microsoft user? :(

>  Is there a plan for training these folks to use their
>  new system?

No, but what happens is they're already thrown into the new system by
either the CS or ECE departments (see above), so they need to learn.
I see quite a few in my office in the weeks after an install, helping
them things that have them confused.  We welcome them at our monthly
meetings, but don't tend to have many come by with questions.

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