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Fri Sep 4 14:42:11 MDT 2009

On Friday 04 September 2009 12:15:38 pm, Don McCoy wrote:
> On the other hand, some projects are easier to work with than others.  
> Don't know what the case is here.  And some projects have such a high 
> potential barrier to entry as far as knowledge required to build and 
> test changes.  It would not surprise me if Firefox is more like a bear 
> when it comes to building it correctly.
> Out of curiosity, anybody ever build Firefox?  There's a bug or two I 
> might like to fix in Thunderbird also, but I haven't tried as I assume 
> that would be difficult as well. 

I've compiled Firefox before, it isn't too difficult, though their build process is unique. The most difficultly comes from installing dependencies and setting build options.

What distribution are you using? It's fairly easy with Debian/Ubuntu: you can install the build dependencies for their packages, and then use their packages' configuration as a starting point for your own build. If you're coming Saturday, I don't mind helping you get started.

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