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Only the LCD's have  mercury
the CRT's have lead locked in the glass (lead crystal)

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Samat K Jain wrote:

>This brings up something I've been wondering about... what is Las Cruces/Mesilla Valley's normal procedure for tossing electronics out? Particularly, stuff with mercury (like CRTs)?
>On Friday 25 September 2009 08:21:31 am, Beryl Snyder wrote:
>>*Electronics Recycling
>>Saturday, November 14th    9am-3pm
>>Dona Ana County Government Center
>>845 N. Motel Blvd.
>>Las Cruces, NM
>>Sponsored by the South Central Solid Waste Authority (SCSWA) and
>>South Central Recycling Partnership (SCRaP)
>>(575) 528-3800
>>UNICOR Electronics Recycling*
>>*                      Accepts the following electronic equipment (working
>>or not)
>>Computer parts (boards, memory, chips, etc)
>>Cables (wire)
>>Fax machines
>>Networking equipment
>>Audio equipment (stereos, CB`s, 2 way radios, etc.)
>>Electronic test equipment
>>Video equipment  (VCR, DVD, camcorders, projectors, etc.)
>>Photographic equipment  (cameras, lenses, accessories, etc.)
>>Conferencing equipment
>>Night vision equipment
>>Audio sensors
>>Motion sensors
>>Alarm equipment
>>Security equipment
>>Cell phones
>>Palm pilots
>>Cable boxes
>>Satellite equipment
>>Medical equipment (no fluids)
>>(Basically any electronic equipment)
>>Paints/Liquids of any kind                                Powdered
>>Radioactive Material
>>*Susan Stucker
>>*Health, Safety and Environmental
>>Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.
>>Near Earth Network Services (NENS)
>>NASA White Sands Complex
>>sstucker at mail.wsc.nasa.gov
>>phone:  575-525-6983
>>fax:  575-525-6973
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