[MVLUG] Meeting Notes Oct 1st

Michael Simmons msimmons1618 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 19:27:56 MDT 2010

Oracle OpenOffice/Libreoffice discussion

Antonio and MeeGo
Running off a USB stick on a low end Atom
Ran built in demo
Distro seems to be set to be an integrated social media OS.
Has decent web multimedia, but not great.  This may have been from CPU
limitations on the Atom board
Interface is geared toward new users or for people that don't need
more than the built in functionality?
Seems to be geared toward web browsing and simple apps.  Maybe
IPod/IPad market area?

Meebo has a netbook edition as well as other editions such as
navigation devices.
Tablet version has different/simpler UI and multi-finger touch

Reasonably fully featured from the web users standpoint.
Didn't find a good way to shutdown from the menu system

Origins of the OS is:
Moblin from Intel?
Meego from Nokia?
SuSE is involved somewhere as well.

The version is at 1.1 alpha of some sort
They want a 6month dev cycle.

Baseline hardware that can run Meego

Played with package managers. software installation. etc.
Seems decent.

I'm out of battery.  End of email.


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