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Larry Longnecker 4dogs2cats1h at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 03:50:39 MST 2010

On Fri, 2010-11-19 at 13:36 -0700, Michael Simmons wrote:
> On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 12:22 PM, Larry Longnecker
> <4dogs2cats1h at gmail.com> wrote:
> >  Hello I am still getting spam messages and my letters are not making it
> > out to the group.
Hello to all
 I have a bunch of spam things and return things in my mail box and some
are mine. This one was done on a reply  not a new one could that be the

> >  I was wondering if you had a fax number so I can send you a hand
> > written  map  of Chaparral .
> What Samat was aiming at was the people themselves adding details to
> the open source mapping.
> I do not think a hand drawn map would work well as it would not have
> accurate enough coordinate data.
The reason I offered this map is that it was one done by and sanctioned
by the the town and done by the main business and and helpers of
Chaparral and recognized By the Las Cruces Planing Department to be
accurate  As of the dates, it is updated every week .It gives you the
main town of Chaparral , commonly know as old Chaparral  . It is the
main trunk of chaparral of not much is on the map .(his)
  Chaparral changes almost weekly . new things come in and go out , We
have had stores here and businesses and things here for all most 30
years that are not on the map. there are stores and shops and big
business that have been here for 15 years or more not on the maps , we
have many things out here that were not added to the map His map only
has mostly Desert Aire A small town to the north of us . Delaria wright
Estates is to the north west of us . The newer parts of Chaparral are
North and east of us It is call New Chaparral . Then you have the wild
west of Chaparral, Otero county (I hope I spelled it right  It is Free
from Donna Ana rule and can due what they wishes so to speak) . It has
been many years here with little bits of maps no one had tried to do any
others than what has been done here . We are not even on most big maps
or state maps eighter .
 We have lived here almost 30 years when we moved here we were the only
ones for 1 mile one way and 16 acres the others and almost 8 miles the
other way , Now I have neighbours that I can see into his house from my
windows this is how close my neighbours are now they are only 1/4 and
1/2 acre  lots we have a full acre and still have to whisper to not be
over heard , in our own home as to speak . I believe the map he has is a
very old one and wanted to send him one that would be more to what he
was needing . It is still not a total map of all of the Era of the towns
but much better than what was given to him to use. I am not trying to be
mean or any thing else just to help .It is a lot of work ,  
> >  It is to hard to
> > hide a rifle ,and  all the non-since to get one now a days .It would not
> > be surprised any longer . I have not been able to surprise him in many
> > years for his birthday or Christmas .
> Rifles in TX and NM, in most cases, are a 30 minute proposition if the
> store has what you want.
, but he has to go to the store and would know all about it ! That is
why a crossbow would be better , and it is not so noisy when you kill a
rattle snake we had a bunch this past summer and not very safe a round
kids and life stock .. and bullets do not stop if you miss  arrows don't
go as fast and as far and don't bounce off things and go in a another
direction  they fall to the ground they are good in  fairly short
distance  I have been told there is and adjustment to make them go
shorter distances as well too. 

> The category of 'Tools' is so large and with so many specializations
> that I can't offer any help.

 There is that tool that every man wants or needs not just tools but
that tool ! I was hopping to get some Idea's of what tools are turning
the men's heads this year! What tool or trinket  that most of the men on
the list are thinking about ?It is impossible ? for do they cook or work
on cars or other things it is hard to figure out what tools to buy men
what is that catches different men's fancy , I am sure there are  other
wifes and girl friends who are asking the same questions ?you can always
leave this answer open so they can get the hint too, that way you mite
get what you wanted too .
I  was all ways told to ask for a opinions first !
  I hope all have a happy and safe Thanksgiving Enjoy !
  Stay safe , pam L .
> cheers,
> Michael
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