[MVLUG] 8 bogus beliefs of Linux community

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Thu Sep 9 08:36:58 MDT 2010

Karl Larsen writes:
>     I Think any comparison of Linux to Windows is stupid. The Windows 
>user had to pay money for that operating system and it will load easy 
>but not work well.

There's actually nothing wrong with comparing apples and oranges.  I'm
just arguing that trying to genetically engineer the orange to make it
a better apple (not Apple!) is a mistake.

>     The Linux user gets his operating system for free but it takes a 
>little skill to install it. Once a new version like Ubuntu version 
>10.04.1 is installed and updated it is far more capable than Windows. I 
>think all the current versions of Linux maintain the configurability you 

Compare configuring menus and interaction between fvwm (the gold
standard of "it'll do what I want it to") and compiz fusion.

>On 09/09/2010 08:15 AM, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>> After a quick read, I agree with pretty much everything he says.
>> One he misses (but is implicit in several of his points) is "Linux
>> should be a better Windows".  Both of the major desktops seem devoted
>> to the idea that what Linux should do is provide the same sort of
>> experience as the Windows desktop, at the cost of exactly the sort of
>> transparent configurability I really like.
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