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Larry Longnecker 4dogs2cats1h at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 14:30:35 MDT 2010

we have a 2D/3D graphics card  PCI 8mb     A ISO  

On Thu, 2010-09-09 at 08:22 -0600, Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
> Does anybody out there have a PCI or AGP 2.0 graphics card they'd like
> to donate to the Las Cruces Community Theatre?  The computer we use
> for reservations processing is in a house that was struck by lightning
> during a recent storm, and its on-board graphics chip was damaged.
> I'm amazed I can't find a PCI video card around here, but everything
> I've found in the house so far is either ISA (!) or AGP 1.
> It does have to be AGP 2.0; it turns out that they changed the voltage
> and the keying of the card for 2.0, so an AGP 1.0 card won't work (it
> was discovering this that led me to learn about the change in voltage
> and keying).  They changed the voltage again for 3.0, so I wouldn't
> expect one of those to work either.
> I'll be bringing the computer home between now and Saturday and
> bringing it to InstallFest to put Ubuntu on it; I don't remember it as
> having a PCI-E slot but haven't verified that (It's old enough I'd be
> a bit surprised).
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