[MVLUG] 8 bogus beliefs of Linux community

Charles Cossé ccosse at asymptopia.org
Fri Sep 10 08:10:33 MDT 2010

Gordon, yes that was a timely recommendation, for me, at least.  Thanks!  I
made it to about the middle last night.  I hope it ends strong ... it is
very well written, so it sounds like it's on-course to deliver.  Just for
fun I saved a couple clippings while reading.  Here they are, likely
meaningless out of context, but just the same:

Recently I spent a while re-installing Windows NT on one of my home
computers, and many times had to double-click on the "Control Panel" icon.
For reasons that are difficult to fathom, this icon consists of a picture of
a clawhammer and a chisel or screwdriver resting on top of a file folder.

An operating system is a framework ... it carries out common functionality.

It is the fate of manufactured goods to slowly and gently depreciate as they
get old and have to compete against more modern products.  But it is the
fate of operating systems to become free.

not only are we not offended to be dazzled by manufactured images, but we
like it. We practically insist on it. We are eager to be complicit in our
own dazzlement: to pay money for a theme park ride, vote for a guy who's
obviously lying to us, or stand there holding the basket as it's filled up
with cosmetics.

Disney is in the business of putting out a product of seamless illusion--a
magic mirror that reflects the world back better than it really is.

If I can risk a broad generalization...

Starsky and Hutch reruns, dubbed into diverse languages, may turn out, in
the long run, to be a greater force for human rights than the Declaration of

What we're really buying is a system of metaphors. And--much more
important--what we're buying into is the underlying assumption that
metaphors are a good way to deal with the world.

The internal combustion engine was a technological marvel in its day, but
useless as a consumer good until a clutch, transmission, steering wheel and
throttle were connected to it.

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 6:24 PM, g <gordon at crucians.net> wrote:

>  This seems like a good opportunity to recommend the classic Neal
> Stephenson essay 'In the Beginning... Was the Command Line'.  Full contents
> available at http://www.cryptonomicon.com/beginning.html
> It is admittedly showing its age (though not quite in the same way as the
> Unix Hater's Handbook) but remains vital reading.
> -gordon
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