[MVLUG] InstallFest -- thanks!

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Sat Sep 11 20:55:09 MDT 2010

Don McCoy writes:
>Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>> Thanks to all who helped out with the InstallFest this morning -- I
>> frankly lost count of how many people we helped very early in the
>> process.  It was SRO in SH 124 for virtually the entire time.
>> Special thanks to Jenny for the coffee!
>Yes, it was great and I hope everyone was able to get things working in 
>whatever way they needed.  It was surprising the number of people that 
>were there.  Some lessons learned: a usb stick and a pair of sneakers 
>makes a pretty good network -- parallelizable too!  Putting these things 
>on DVD is probably the fastest way though, as we can then skip the step 
>of copying things to the desktop.

I feel like we're a little bit like the generals always preparing for
the last war.  A little while ago our big bottleneck was the
connection to the debian and ubuntu download sites; now that we've got
the proxy cache working smoothly the bandwidth requirement was
negligible (I kept going back and rechecking to make sure the proxy
was really working.  It was, but almost nothing was ever downloaded

The big problem this time seemed to be the 10 Mb bandwidth in the
room, transferring the images for Jonathan's laptop to the other
machines in the room.  Next time do we want to have a bunch of
preburned DVDs (it's a good thing we only had to burn one CD all
day...), or are we better off trying to find a faster switch and
access point?

I also want to put some thought into making sure known evil protocols
and sites are blocked.  The reason I was concerned about limewire
today is that ICT has been known to turn off ports being used for
limewire (and others, but for a while that was the dominant one) and
explain later. Losing our internet access part way through an
InstallFest would not have been a good thing....

>Thanks all for those who did their various parts, whatever they might 
>have been.  Not bad for a bunch of spontaneously self-organized 
>individuals!  ;)

A tribute to disorganization!

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