[MVLUG] InstallFest -- thanks!

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Sun Sep 12 08:41:09 MDT 2010

Don McCoy writes:
>Joe Pfeiffer wrote:
>> Sounds like a solution to the wired part of the bandwidth problem; is
>> the Belkin a B or a G access point?
>> And Don, I honestly didn't mean to play semantic word games when I
>> asked if you'd brought a router or an AP.
>No, I asked cause I'm too stupid to know the difference.  And it turns 
>out it is both anyway.  If it's easier, we'll use it as an AP next 
>time.  And it is G...

I'd rather use it as just an AP, since that leaves my laptop as the
only place where routing can go wrong.  But it worked just fine as a
router, so it doesn't really matter.  Since it's a G, I think we've
solved our bandwidth issues for next time.

As for thumb drives:  sneakernet has always been the highest bandwidth
networking solution out there!

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