[MVLUG] Pat your selfs on the back!

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Sun Sep 12 08:46:33 MDT 2010

Larry Longnecker writes:
> Hello to all , What I saw to day was wonder full!You all were working
>with what you had!  Making the best with the  amount of time you had!
>what you could do with helping each person ! 
>    All of You WERE ::::::::
>    1: very kind
>    2:very smart
>    3: you gave of your selves all you could!
>    4:AND YOU GOT TO THEM ALL!Every one was helped               
>   So take a deep breath, Pat your self on the back for a job well
>done :-)    Then you can think of changing it.

Thanks -- it went really well.

>    some suggestions maybe ?
> we could have a sign up sheet to tell ahead of time how many is coming
>and what they may need?

It's been tried.  They show up without pre-registering...

> Start a donation  jar for the food at the install fest before that date
>so you could have some money to buy the food before the install fest.
> We could put out notices long before the install fest, so they are not
>last minute runs.

But then it wouldn't be pizza!

>could we have installs some other times for those who want to change to
>Linux instead of windows not just for school needs.

Well, the intent is for anybody who wants to get help to come, school
work or not.

But this raises a point I've known about for a little while, and we'll
want to discuss:  there was a football game yesterday, and Heather at
least had several students who weren't able to come because they were
in the Pride.  Is there a day (or evening) in the very near future
when we could do an InstallFest 2?

>Maybe find away to buy some of the equipment to do this install fest in
>time so it would go easier?         WE could try to raise some funds ? I
>check for some grants.

Sounds like we've solve the equipment problems for yesterday's fest;
we'll see how the next one goes...

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