[MVLUG] Re: MVLUG-list Digest, Vol 53, Issue 35

Michael Simmons msimmons at fastwave.biz
Thu Sep 30 20:47:01 MDT 2010

Both meetings will be on NMSU campus in Science Hall.  Room 124.


Nobody has addressed the PAE kernel question.  It's been awhile since
I compiled my own kernel.  From my limited experience you should
probably give plenty of time to:

1) Figuring out what all those options are in the kernel configuration.
2) Compiling the kernel.
3) Recompiling the kernel when you find your mistakes.
4) Figuring out how to build the bootable ISO image for the CD/DVD.

If you were to show up to the install fest at 9am, you might get it
all figured out by 1 or 2 pm :-)
I'm sure one or more of us will have a PAE capable machine.

This sort of brings up a question though.  Why do you need a PAE
machine?  Can't you unpack the ISO, build the kernel desired, place it
in the desired directory where you are going to rebuild the ISO.
Rebuild and then test on your non-PAE machine?


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