[MVLUG] Virtual Machine for Install Fest

Jonathan Lindsey jlindsey at 3drc.com
Mon Jan 10 10:22:01 MST 2011

As you all know,
I build the Virtual Machine for our install fest.  I keep a copy on my webserver that's linked on our site.  If someone else would like to take over and build the virtual machine for this install fest, now is the time to speak up.  **I have no problem doing it, but if someone else wants to by all means.**

I usually like to rebuild the install, from scratch, before hand.  I am more than willing to setup a meeting on a weekend at ID to rebuild the virtual machine if anyone would like to see how that's done.  I think the majority of us out here on the list are familiar with the process, but there may be some out there who have never built a virtual machine and would like to see how that is done.  

We also need to decide which os to provide.  If we want to use the new release, or the release we used last time.

-Jonathan Lindsey 
Network Engineer 
3D Research Corporation

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