[MVLUG] hippy due da internet that works right!

Larry Longnecker 4dogs2cats1h at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 02:29:03 MST 2011

Hello to all , I hope all are well to night.

I want to thank you again ,for your help on the internet problem . We
have been talking to Southwestern Wireless and they are coming in here
to Chaparral .   We had to get others  interested in them and we got
enough people that want some thing better !Than what is here now. 

I have been trying to draw out some of the streets here to put on that
map for chaparral . I will need your help to up load what I have gotten
ready if you can give me some help on how to do it . 

We have given away now about 8 computers these past few months ,we have
rebuilt now we are putting UBUNTU on most of them but will need help
with the windows virtual machine on the widows ones ( collage students).
Some of these  will be going to the Va Home ( the VETS them selfs)  and
have gone to the Christian radio free network, And to the Children in
need group. Thanks to the help from the group Here .MVLUG.. We are still
building computers from parts many more still to go yet. We are still in
need of computer parts of all kinds any thing is most welcome.
 A big thank you from, the people  who have gotten theirs  and those
that are still on the list, Waiting.  They send you a big smile and
thanks for your part on helping in getting parts to put these computers
together . Thanks again .
 Thanks  Pam L 

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